The Meta Snapshot: March 2016

Hey guys, girls and cyberbeasts – Sneakdoor here with the latest view into what people are playing. Once again, we’re not going to define this by tiers anymore but instead into decks you’re 100% likely to see at a tournament, the current hotness, and meta calls/sideways things you should be aware of.

Further note – FFG are releasing data packs mighty close together right now! I’ve been holding off on this because Business First only came out in Australia a day ago, but Democracy and Dogma is about to drop for all you guys in real countries and the sky is definitely going to fall, 100% no takebacks.

Bonus: check out me and Eric running this down here.


HB artNEHnoise artwhiz arthayley

Corp: Astrobiotics, HB Glacier, Palana Glacier. Runner: Noise, Dumblefork, various flavours of Reg-Ass Anarch, Pitchfork, various Kates

Not a lot of surprises here, although we’ll talk more about NEH later.  The new entry Corp-side is Palana Foods, which is a Corp identity with a credit symbol and the words “each turn” on it and therefore was definitely going to see some play. The current glacier lists are essentially taking the classic RP shell, replacing all of the asset econ with operation econ and saying GO. The most obvious support card, Palana Agroplex, has proven to be surprisingly divisive in the community, but otherwise the game plan is solid – have money, win many psi games. The only caveat is that the increased resilience to Whiz from dropping assets comes at the cost of a weaker Shaper matchup.

By the way, I’m going to talk about Cerebral Imaging down the bottom. Stay tuned.

Runner side, the big new thing is Spags’ Pitchfork Hayley list which utilises truly amazing levels of Shaper Bullshit (TM) to snipe remotes and set up for cheap as chips R&D lock in the late game. Spags in one of the more well-known community members and people are going to play his lists – expect to see this near you!


Let’s talk decks that are making a splash, but you aren’t guaranteed to see. Don’t be too surprised though – these decks are the sexy new hotness and you should remember they’re around.

templeNASgagarin thumbig tumb

Temple NEH: Hey, it’s like regular NEH but with more asset spam! Turtlebacks gives you money, Mumba Temples turn everything on and Team Sponsorships make sure you can keep doing it FOREVER. There’s not much more crushing than having to trash a single SanSan 4 times. That said, deal with DBS and SanSan and you should be ok.

SolShop/various Butchery: As we all know, NBN kill can really slice its way through Swiss. The Sol variant uses Targeted Marketing to fund the murder and has been putting up results lately.

Museum GagarinThis gets a bad rep because of people playing it online with no real plan to win other than making the other player fall into a coma, but in the hands of a good player it does pretty serious work. Overwhelm the runner and score out in a mega server.

Museum IG: Similar to the above, but it’s very hard for the Runner not to accidentally kill themselves. Can proactively win with the Ronin/Hiro/Neural EMP combo.

geist artandy artLeela artapocthumblizard

Off Campus Geist: Hey, this deck’s by that guy that wins Worlds every year! What a guy. Dan won a Store Champs with this list but has also been saying that it’s not actually that great. It’s got a solid glacier matchup but really struggles with NEH, particularly asset spam.

Stealth Andy/LeelaAn old favorite from the all-RP meta returns to wreck HB and Palana. Crim stealth lists tend towards Andromeda for the setup advantage, but we also see variants in Leela and even Gabe to take advantage of their strong abilities. Keep in mind that stealth Crim often struggles against NEH, so if that’s the main thing in your area you might have a harder time.

Chameleon Kate: When jank goes right. Not a dig at Bahram at all, just remembering the reaction to LLDS Processor when it first came out. According to Ben Blum, just play this like normal Kate and you’ll crush. All day.

Apocalypse Kate: El-Ad David Amir has been repping this pretty hard. Nobody sees it coming and Apocalypse is serious business.

DLR/Apoc MaxX: Not new, but a nice counter to asset spam decks. DLR in particular is as incredibly brutal as ever and a great choice if you straight up want to win.



OK, NOW we’ll talk about 7 Point Cerebral Imaging. If you know all the different combos and tricks with this deck, it could very well be the best deck in the game. However, the reasons it’s in this section are:

  1. the Noise matchup still really sucks
  2. only like 10 people can play it.

That’s an exaggeration, but it’s true that the vast majority of Netrunner players simply have no idea how to pilot this thing. Unfortunately, you can’t have a flowchart of the combo next to you in a tournament! Keep in mind that it exists but it’s unlikely to be the new NEH.

PE/Argus/Weyland are always good if nobody expects them.

Thanks for tuning in! Join us next time for more excitement and as always sound off in the comments with any feedback.



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