Viberunner: unlicenced game night enhancement

As some of you know, I have a problem. It haunts me at night, plaguing my dreams. Like many in the Netrunner community, I have a frankly debilitating addiction to totally rad 90s cyberpunk of literally any flavour. So in no particular order, here’s something to spice up your game night with the proper AESTHETICS. Studies have shown that having the coolest possible soundtrack, whether in real life or just bouncing around your head like a neon pinball, can improve your server penetration by up to 400%.


You might already know of these, but come on. Both of these are guaranteed to make you feel like you’re stuck in a cruel, uncaring society where the line between machine and man is blurred. That said, they both have more unified colour schemes and totally awesome cybernetics than boring old reality, so…it kind of evens out. Bonus: at about 3:17 in the Tron soundtrack there’s a nice little dramatic stinger, so if you time your setup right you might get it right as you hit your first piece of ice. Feels good.

OH BABY NOW WE’RE TALKING.  This is good Netrunning music because it’s designed to put you into an 80s murder trance fever dream, which is how I like to both play Netrunner and drive around wearing sunglasses at night. Also you just know this is the kinda stuff MaxX listens to.

A playlist of some kick-ass music I like running to. Enjoy.


You know what makes you better at Netrunner? Having cool distracting videos to look at to help you make the best possible play (ie, the most baller). I recommend having these playing on mute on the biggest screen you can find for MAXIMUM TOTALLY RAD FUTURISM.

Keep an eye out for more ways to make sure your brain is more circuitry than weak grey matter.


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