Weirdrunner continues to happen through Regionals season with a mix of spicy madness and old favorites taking down the big tournaments. We’re seeing a pretty even representation of Runner factions with Anarchs a little more popular than the others, while HB is pretty comfortably the most played Corp side. NBN and Jinteki are both pretty well but Weyland is still lagging behind.


For all you Shapers out there, we have some cool stuff happening. Inversificator is turning out to be QUITE GOOD, as it has similar stats to the Blade but with a stronger effect attached to it. If you’re playing good cards Kit, it gets even better. The deck is a classic example of the oldest of old school Netrunner, and it works fantastically. Speaking of old school, one of my favorite decks ever, Prepaid Kate, was resurrected and performed admirably in a tough field. Dyper continues to be a thing people play so prepare yourself for fun.

If you prefer your Shaping with a touch of balls out insanity, Adjusted Matrix was pretty notorious when it was initially spoiled for not actually doing anything whatsoever. Luckily, our savior Boggs has proclaimed from on high that it does…pretty much what you thought it would. Even more luckily, legendary Shaper madman Bahram (or saetzero) took down a regional with a Deus Ex/Matrix deck focused on the classic Shaper plan of remote locking then hammering R&D. This deck also features one of the stronger cards in Earth’s Scion in Aeneas Informant.

hey it’s me, informing on ur aeneases

Aeneas is a very nice include in vanilla Crim (and indeed all Crim) in the current meta and will put in serious amounts of work for you, as the London Regionals winning deck shows nicely. Los shows good potential and this list looks like a good place to start. Alternatively, you may want to go ALLLLL IN.

Leela is also a perennial favorite on Sneakdoor, and here’s an interesting deck featuring Keyhole as a threat over Medium and everyone’s favorite creepy uncle Hernando Cortez.

As a one influence econ card that works efficiently against a big chunk of the field, Aeneas Informant is seeing play in our Anarch friends too. Right now a lot of what’s on NetrunnerDB is played out of Alice, but I’ve seen it around in non-Whiz decks a fair bit. Reg-Ass Anarch continues to very much be a thing. Interestingly, Desperado has snuck back into Reg Anarch as a counter to asset spam – check out these Whizzard and Val lists. Because if anything’s better than Whizzard, it’s MEGA WHIZZARD. A very stripped down version of Dumblefork also took down the regional here in Melbourne.

If denial is more your bag, Siphon Whizzard and/or MaxX are fantastic choices. Magnum MaxX  presents a very strong control option. Funnily enough, Noiseshop showed up out of nowhere and won a regional. Noiseboyz never die.


The strong decks in most Corps haven’t really shifted around this month. Although Moon decks have continued to become more optimised, every runner faction has a deck that can comfortably deal with it (especially with the release of Aeneas Informant). The strongest “all purpose” decks are still probably Moons and Boomsync, with CI qualifying depending on the amount of hate around. But you knew that! Let’s look at weird stuff.

Probably the biggest surprise in Earth’s Scion is just how good Aginfusion has turned out to be. Considering the initial reaction to it was “…what? Ok…” it’s turning out to be really strong, because as it turns out running into Chiyashis and DNA Trackers over and over is pretty dang strong. Here’s one version in the classic Jinteki glacier style, and another variant going hard on ELP and Ruhr Valley. Of course, maybe you want to live the dream…

Much like Timmy Wong, whenever we feature one weird Bahram deck we have to feature his other, equally mad one. In this case, it’s Grail HB featuring Manta Grid! For reasons. If you’re a true HB madman though, and want the added bonus of dealing damage left and right, you can’t go past Butchershot. Genius.

Apart from Boomsync, the only other NBN that seems to be performing is a little bit of CTM. Not much has really changed otherwise – it’s all various forms of tag punishment.

Blue Sun did really well at both London and FFG regionals, both going for a glacier approach rather than kill. The London deck features Illegal Arms Factory, a really cool card from TD that has great synergy with Blue Sun and arguably glacier in general. Mass Commercialisation is bonkers strong that has really good synergy with some of the Weyland strategies that have been pushed the last couple of cycles with Jemison and shenanigans with advancing ICE. Here’s some good examples, try it out!

Thanks for joining us, see you soon!


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