Corp Archetypes



As the name suggests, this deck leverages the fast advance potential of Astroscript Pilot Program and Biotic Labor, aiming for the infamous Astrochain (chaining one scored Astroscript into another). The goal is to score agendas out of hand as quickly as possible, using the cheapest gearcheck (Wraparound, Quandary) or taxing (Eli 1.0, Architect) ice available. This deck initially became popular in The World Is Yours due to the smaller deck size, but it was with the release of Near Earth-Hub that it rose to the height of its strength and popularity.

Variants: NEH Fastro, Grail, TWIY, Space Ice

Sponsorship Astrobiotics

The core game plan is similar to Astrobiotics, but uses Team Sponsorship and sometimes Turtlebacks for heavy asset recursion. Combos with Astroscript and SanSan City Grid can allow the Corp to score 3 to 5 points from hand. In addition, to get more Sponsorship activations this deck sometimes runs more 1 point agendas than the traditional setup.

Temple NEH

Similar to the above list but with even more asset spam and the addition of Mumba Temples for economy.


A flatline-focused deck using Scorched Earth and Traffic Accident for the kill with Midseason Replacements and Breaking News to deliver the tag. It has several advantages over previous flatline decks – the consistency of Near Earth Hub, the very real threat of scoring out via fast advance, the use of Breaking News to land tags, and the use of Traffic Accident to bypass I’ve Had Worse.

Convenience Shop

A Butchershop variant in Haarpsichord that uses News Team and 24/7 News Cycle for even easier tagging power.

Making News tagstorm

Aims to bury the runner in tags, then exploit it with Scorched Earth, Closed Accounts, Psychographics and Shoot the Moon.


The most asset-heavy NEH variant with Dedicated Response Team and Snare as kill threats. It’s designed to be an extremely taxing build that often scores by installing several agendas unprotected among many assets.

Yellow Flash

This combo deck uses a huge amount of operation economy to draw cards and build a huge bank. It aims to drop a huge Midseasons Replacements on the Runner and then score out with Psychographics.

Spark FA/Rush: Takes the well-established NBN fast advance shell and adds in synergistic cards such as Product Placement (very strong here), Launch Campaign and Special Offer. Ash is often used to transition to the midgame and establish a scoring server if Clot is a factor. It aims to take advantage of the small tempo hits afforded by Spark to rush the runner down.

SYNC Psychographics/Troll Sync: A new tagstorm archetype that takes advantage of the new tag punishment mechanics in D&D, particularly Resistor and (importantly) Quantum Predictive Model. With Global Food Initiative, QPM and 15 Minutes it’s possible to have 6 of the 18 agenda points be worthless to the runner. News Team, Data Raven and Gutenberg are used to land tags and it aims to Psychographics out the win or score in a taxing Ash remote.

Doomsday Haarpsichord

A Power Shutdown combo deck that aims to score Hades Shard and use its ability to put whatever card you need in the deck. Haarpsichord’s ability forces the runner to take tags from News Team and provide the Corp money from Explode-a-Palooza, which lets the Corp combo out the rest of their agendas.


RP Glacier

A heavy glacier deck that uses the combination of Replicating Perfection’s ability, Caprice Nisei and other protective upgrades to create a near-impenetrable remote. A scored Nisei Mk. II is absolutely crippling in this deck. It notably uses agendas that protect themselves (The Future Perfect, NAPD Contract) to make it harder to steal agendas from centrals. Sundew and Mental Health Clinics either generate huge amounts of money or force the runner to spend large amounts of resources trashing them.

Variants: Grail

Cambridge/Minh PE

A pure flatline deck that grinds the runner down through many small hits of net damage. Mushin No Shin is a key card, often used on agendas, Ronin or Cerebral Overwriter. Typically installs a number of facedown traps along with agendas and forces the runner to spend time drawing cards to avoid the flatline. Neural EMP, Ronin and Scorched Earth are often used as finishers.

Shutdown PE

Relies heavily on program trashing with Power Shutdown, Grim and Archer then aims to score behind cheap barriers and code gates. The Personal Evolution ability, along with traps that work in centrals such as Snare!, helps to slow the runner down and make it harder to recur key rig pieces.

Untrashable RP

This deck is built on the idea that running any single remote against Jinteki:RP is going to be more expensive, and then makes your assets and upgrades even more costly to trash with Encryption Protocols. It’s essentially an earlier, more flatline-heavy version of the pure RP Glacier deck.

Tennin FA

Heavily built around exploiting Trick of Light with Tennin’s ability. It creates immensely taxing central servers, never builds a remote and banks advancement counters on Ice Wall or other ice before scoring from hand with Trick of Light.

Biotech Rush(Valley Grid variant)

Uses cheap gearcheck ice with Caprice and Marcus Batty to create a scoring remote as fast as possible, then aims to score a Nisei Mk. II as soon as possible. Fast Track is used to maintain tempo, as is the powerful Greenhouse ability. The Valley Grid variant uses flatline as a backup plan.

IG Flatline

Much like PE, aims to grind the runner down slowly. These decks typically feature heavy asset economy and throw Shock and Shi Kyu into archives to discourage the Runner from reducing trash costs. An interesting feature is the prevalence of 54 card decks, rather than the typical 49, to avoid self-decking.

Medtech 3-Pointer

Uses all 3 pointers to reduce agenda density. Typically runs Shi Kyu to ensure the runner needs to steal 3 agendas, rather than 2. Advanceable traps are used to bait the runner. This archetype was popular just after the release of Honor and Profit. The release of Global Food Initiative is very strong for this setup.

IG Biolock

An archetype enabled by Democracy and Dogma, this deck aims to set up a board state where the runner will inevitably die to net damage by setting up 2-3 Bio-Ethics and 2-3 Hostile Infrastructures on the board with Shocks in Archives. It typically scores no points apart from possibly a Chronos Project – the aim is to create a board state that the runner cannot deal with.

Nisei Division Flatline

A never advance deck that aims to score out or alternatively kill runners with some combination of Snare, Scorched Earth or Cerebral Casts.

Chronos Protocol Grail

A rush deck using a combination of heavy program trashing through the Grail suite and sniping breakers and recursion from hand using the Chronos Protocol ability.


ETF Glacier aka Red Coats aka FoodCoats (IT Dept variant/NEXT variant)

Makes massive amounts of money and creates an extremely taxing scoring remote protected by defensive upgrades. Adonis and Eve Campaigns are a heavy tax on the runner. The IT Department version sets up for the extreme late game, spending large amounts of time clicking IT Department to create a literally impenetrable scoring server. NEXT variants use NEXT Gold and occasionally Marcus Batty to create relatively cheap but increasingly taxing servers, sometimes aiming for a rig wipe with NEXT Gold and Batty.

Since the release of Global Food Initiative the deck has been named “Foodcoats” and has become extremely strong in the metagame.

HB FA/Rush

The original fast advance build before the rise of NBN. SanSan City Grid is used to score agendas from hand, while HB’s native economy assets and heavily taxing ice slow the runner down.

Foundry Grail Kill

Sets up a kill server of Merlin/Janus and The Twins, as The Foundry’s ability means the Corp is guaranteed to have a second copy of the ice in hand to use with The Twins. Some variants use Komainu for the flatline.


A variant of the standard HB Glacier with all 3 point agendas and Punitive Counterstrike. It aims to create lose-lose situations – either scoring a 3-pointer, or taking out the runner with Punitive.

Upgrades Incorporated/Waldemar

A very asset-heavy HB glacier distinguished by the inclusion of 3x Mandatory Upgrades.

Cerebral Imaging Power Shutdown (7 point/flatline variants)

CI Combo decks are designed to exploit the interaction between Power Shutdown, Accelerated Diagnostics and Jackson Howard. Typically the play will be to Power Shutdown your whole deck, use Jackson to retrieve your combo pieces, then use Accelerated Diagnostics to play them all. The Scorch versions can use various click-gaining and recursion methods such Archived Memories to burn through multiple Plascretes. 7-point versions use Shipment from Mirrormorph and Shipment from SanSan to install and score 7 points worth of agendas in one turn.

Cybernetics Division Flatline

Tends to go hard on brain damage and handsize reduction with Cerebral Overwriter and Self-Destruct Chips. The small deck lets you find Punitive Counterstrike quickly and punish the runner for scoring 3 pointers.


Tag and Bag (various IDs)

Arguably the defining Weyland strategy – create a huge money lead over the runner, use SEA Source or Midseason Replacements to tag them, then go for the kill with Scorched Earth. Due to the popularity of this there are variants in every ID, to the point that it’s unusual for a Weyland deck to not have the SEA/Scorch combo. That said, since the release of Blue Sun it is the most popular ID for this.

Government Takeover

Despite being tag and bag, this deserves mention for it’s unusual agenda density – Government Takeover and all 3 pointers, for only 6 agendas. It relies heavily on Punitive Counterstrike for the kill along with the SEA Scorch combo. It will often intentionally bait the runner into stealing 6 points in one turn in order to land one or more Punitive Counterstrikes the next turn.

Blue Sun Bootcamp Glacier

As the name suggests a pure Blue Sun Glacier build with no flatline threat. Boot Camp is used to find key assets. The main sources of income are the Oversight AI combo with expensive ice (rezzing for free, then returning to hand for a huge boost) or Adonis Campaign (returning to hand before it runs out). Typically runners can only deal with one of these threats at a time. Endgame involves a taxing server with Ash. Recent variants include IT Department


A classic flatline/rush hybrid build. It aims to score out very quickly, pressuring the runner to overextend and become vulnerable to SEA Scorch.


This glacier variant has a simple goal – install barriers, then trash the Runner’s fracter at all costs. This is achieved through various methods including Destroyer ice, Power Shutdown and Will o the Wisp.

Black Knight

A rush deck focused on heavy program trashing with Grail ice, Grim, Archer and Power Shutdown with Blacklist to shut down runner recursion. Blue Sun’s ID ability is used to overcome Grail’s normal weakness to Parasite.

Gagarin Horizontal

Uses a large number of assets and Paywall Implementation to ensure the Runner loses credits checking assets while the Corp gains credits from Paywall Implementation. Scorched Earth threatens the kill thanks to the tax on the Runner.

Titan FA

Aims to create an “Atlas chain” using Titan’s ability, as each scored Atlas instantly gets a counter on it. As with many Weyland builds, often includes Scorched Earth as a finisher.

Argus Thousand Bullets

This deck is a hybrid of Supermodernism and PE grinder style decks. Rushing agendas forces the Runner to react, possibly causing them to get Scorched. The Argus identity causes a tax of clicks, credits or cards every time an agenda is stolen.

Mushin OTG

Again, named after the main combo – Mushin No Shin and Off the Grid. These Blue Sun decks aim to create a near-impenetrable HQ with Crisium Grid at the end of taxing ice, then Mushin an agenda out and put Off The Grid on it last click. Blue Sun tends to be the ID of choice as OTG can be returned to hand, offsetting its high cost and fragility. Decks typically feature all 3 pointers, a 6/4 or even Government Takeover (9/6).



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