Corp Archetypes



Tempo CTM

Uses CTM’s inbuilt protection to get the best use out of powerful assets like Commercial Bankers Group and Daily Business Show, with the threat of Hard-Hitting News and tag punishment. Has multiple avenues to victory including Exchange of Information, Psychographics and simply scoring out in a taxing remote. Won Worlds 2016 and has been a dominant metagame force since mid-Flashpoint Cycle.

Variants: Calibration Testing, MCA Austerity Policy, upgrade heavy

Door to Door Making News

A grinder deck that uses Door to Door and Aryabhata Tech to slowly grind out the Runner’s economy before drowning them in tags and finishing them off with Boom!

Asset Spam NEH

Spams out assets with either Estelle Moon or Mumba Temple for econ. Scores out with combinations of Calibration Testing and Jeeves while recurring crucial assets with Team Sponsorship.


A grindy prison deck that aims to win via Boom or Psychographics after drowning the runner in tags. Relies heavily on Whampoa Reclamation Order and AR Enhanced Security.

NBN Glacier

Aims to consistently jam things into a remote and drag the Runner through NBN’s taxing ICE repeatedly. An early Scarcity of Resources can make this very strong.

Variants: SYNC




Hydra Aginfusion

A taxing Jinteki glacier named after the variety of threats it can present – IT Department lockout or program trashing via Tithonium/Rototurret, MCAAP, Blacklist and Excalibur.

Grail Palana

A more midgame focused deck that scores out with the threat of Grail ICE before a rig is assembled. Marcus Batty and Mumbad City Grid make the remote more taxing. Like many Palana decks, can work in Aginfusion with only minor adjustments.

Data Loop Palana

A rushy deck with the threat of Snares, Obokatas and Personal Evolution’s ability to slow down the Runner. Can also work in PE or Aginfusion.

Punitive Palana

3 pointers (particularly Obokata), Ben Musashi and a ton of money to kill the Runner with Punitive Counterstrike.

Potatoes Unleashed

Grinds through the Runner’s deck to the point that they can’t steal an Obokata Protocol, them scores out. Shipment from Tennin is used to score the 7th point in the form of Philotic Entanglement or House of Knives. Also frequently kills Runners.

Variant: Mushin/traps

Tennin FA

Heavily built around exploiting Trick of Light with Tennin’s ability. It creates immensely taxing central servers, never builds a remote and banks advancement counters on Ice Wall or other ice before scoring from hand with Trick of Light.


An asset spam deck that aims to grind the Runner down with Bio-Ethics Committee and Hostile Infrastructure before finishing them off with a Dedication Ceremony + Ronin combo. Very popular pre rotation and is now starting to pop up again.


Stinson Reversed CI

Winner of Worlds 2017, the first major post rotation tournament. Aims to fork the runner by either using MCA Austerity Policy to score agendas out of hand, or dragging the Runner through a taxing server to trash it and punishing with a Stinson-ed Clearance (which is often game-winningly powerful).

Brain Rewiring CI

A dual-combo deck that can either kill the Runner in one turn with Brain Rewiring and Contract Killer, or score 7 points in one turn. Extremely fast and exploits Mythic ICE to prevent the Runner from interacting.

Moons CI

The successor to the ETF asset spam lists that were very popular pre rotation. The game plan typically involves using Lakshmi Smartfabrics to score out, with Sandburg and Ashigaru as a backup scoring option.

Boom CI

Build a remote, establish a money lead, gain 7 clicks,  land Threat Level Alpha -> Closed Accounts -> Threat Level Alpha -> Boom.

Variations: StinsonLoad Testing/HHN

Lunatic CI

Aims to get a kill with combinations of damage from Helheim Servers + Brainstorm, Punitive Counterstrike, Cerebral Overwriter and Neural EMP.

HB FA/Rush

Probably the most consistently good archetype in the history of the game. Some variation of this has been either high-tier or at least playable since the release of Project Vitruvius in the very first data pack. The traditional one remote style is currently represented primarily by Asa/Calibration Testing decks.

Cybernetics Division Flatline

Relies on Mushin to either score out or land as much brain damage as possible.



Skorpios Rush

Rushes extremely hard behind End the Run ICE and uses Hunter Seeker, Batty and Skorpios’ ID ability to remove the Runner’s breakers from the game.

Gagarin Horizontal

An asset spam deck that aims to either punish the Runner for trashing Assets through HHN + Boom, fast advance agendas with Mumbad Construction Co, or score out behind a Tour Guide (more potent with Parasite rotated).

Titan FA

Aims to create an “Atlas chain” using Titan’s ability, as each scored Atlas instantly gets a counter on it. As is tradition with Weyland, a kill threat is included in the form of Boom.

Force of Will

Uses a variety of threats to flatline the runner: Punitive Counterstrike, advanceable traps, Snare, HHN + Boom.

Jemison FA/Kill

Uses Oberth Protocol and Red Planet Couriers to fast advance agendas with a kill threat as backup.



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