Runner Archetypes


Lock Hayley

The latest incarnation of Toolbox Shaper that has a way to answer every Corp threat and a very powerful economy engine in the form of Tapwrm + Sacrificial Construct. Aims to lock the Corp down into an untenable lategame where the Shaper is totally dominant.

Variations: Clone ChipFilm Critic

Pawnshop Hayley

This uses Cache and Pawnshop as an economy engine, installing many cheap programs, resources and pieces of hardware to take advantage of Hayley’s ability as frequently as possible.


Very similar to the Lock Hayley builds, but with Smoke and the associated stealth support. The stealth package leaves less room for tech cards and the build is consequently less flexible than Hayley.

Opus Ayla

A “big rig” Shaper that uses Magnum Opus as its primary econ engine along with memory boosting and Deep Data Mining as its win condition alongside remote lock.

Paper Planes

A combo deck that aims to access most of R&D in one turn. It exploits the interaction between Hyperdriver and Encore to take multiple 13-click turns in a row, usually hitting an Apocalypse then using Equivocation to dig through R&D.





Comrades Val

The latest version of the Reg-Ass/L4J Anarchs that became viable during the SanSan Cycle. Essentially a pile of money, breakers and win conditions – “good stuff”. The current iteration is defined by Indexing as its win condition after the rotation of Medium and Parasite. Film Critic is the most popular choice of restricted card, paired with Hacktivist Meeting.

Variants: Employee StrikeDatasucker/Ice Carver

Reg MaxX/Turbo Bird

Similar to the Val builds above but with a distinctly different gameplan. Aims to use MaxX’ speed to set up fast then use Indexing and remote lock via Stimhack. Makes fewer, more high impact runs compared to Valencia.

Variants: Data Folding/DDM

Tagme MaxX

Uses God of War to gain tags, then Mars for Martians to make a ton of money followed  by a Counter Surveillance dig into R&D.

Opus Omar

Aims to get Magnum Opus out as early as possible via Frantic Coding then wins via remote lock and single access.

Vengeance Anarch

Leverages Anarch’s self damage theme by using Clan Vengeance and Officer Frank to repeatedly empty the Corp’s hand.





A strategy centered around high value runs. The key is to set up the Tech Trader engine as soon as possible, then drawing through the deck to set up as fast as possible. Typically runs only to stop a score, when an agenda is seen from Spy Camera, or to Legwork.

Variants: German Geist

Gang Sign Leela

Stalls the Corp out with the Tapwrm package, basic breakers and Leela’s ability before aiming to flood the Corp and close out the game with multiple Gang Sign + HQI accesses.

Apocalypse Steve

Attempts to repeatedly delete the Corp’s board before winning off multi-access. Steve’s ability allows recursion of key cards.



Lock Sunny

A big rig deck that builds to an unstoppable late game economy. Street Peddler, Clot and the Tapwrm package are included here to have more ability to keep up in the early game.

Turtle Adam

An aggressive deck that aims to soft-lock HQ with multi access while sniping agendas from R&D with Find the Truth.

Assimilator Apex

Exploits some Assimilator interactions like Cyber Cypher and Aesop’s Pawnshop to create a strong drip econ engine with Aumakua and regular breakers.


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