Reign and Reverie first impressions and theorycrafting: Runner

It’s here – Android: Netrunner’s final set. No time for sadness though – we’ve got cards to make snap judgements and terrible decks around! For this article, all the theorycrafting will be for the IDs in the pack using as many new cards as possible, for science. Advertisements

The Kitara Cycle Awards

  Welcome to the Sneakdoor Kitara Awards! It’s a totally serious look back at the cycle that was, where we give out awards for best card in as many completely arbitrary categories as we feel like. This article is brought to you by our good friends at Azmari Edtech – shaping the minds of tomorrow,…

Kampala Ascendant first impressions and theorycrafting

We’re finally at the end of the Kitara cycle. Will Netrunner continue with the traditional last pack power spike? Only time will tell (yes, it definitely is). Because this pack is awesome, I’m going to put in quite a few different theorycrafts without individual writeups for each.

The Meta Snapshot: NGOMG

This month on the Snapshot: Anarchs are good, Weyland actually shows up and a new aquatic animal threatens to unseat the mighty turtle.

Inside The Artist Colony with Liiga Smilshkalne

From the cool indifference of Enigma to the manic intensity of her Pop-Up Window alt-art, Liiga has helped define the cyberspace of Netrunner. She agreed to answer a few questions from the Sneakdoor crew about how she imagines and creates the digital world we love.

Down The White Nile: impressions and theorycrafting

Hey guys. Down The White Nile, the second pack of Kitara, has now been completely revealed, so here’s a rundown of some thoughts on the new cards. I’ve also theorycrafted a deck for each side to try and explore some ideas and new stuff! Click the images below for a closer look at the cards.